January 2023

A Life Of Devotion

Pastor Bailey Snow Deuteronomy 6: 1-9 Our obedience is crucial. Crucial to our walk with God, and crucial to our development. In today’s sermon, Pastor Bailey Snow asks the tough questions about our spiritual state. Ultimately, if we are not obedient in the little things, we miss the purpose of our calling.

2023 New Years Message

It is a new year full of new hopes and new resolutions. In today’s sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland asks us if we are resolute in seeking God.

December 2022


What is Christmas? A time of presents and eating or a time to reflect on the life that changed all lives. In todays Sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland recounts the Christmas Story and reminds us what the Christ in Christmas is all about.

No Lip Service

MARK 7 We can talk the talk, but do we walk the walk. In today’s Sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland asks us to put our heart where our mouth is supposed to be. Are you living a life for Jesus, or pretending to be a believer?

That’s Not Enough

Mark 6 The toils and troubles of this age can sometimes feel like it is too much. In Today’s Sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland reminds us that with Jesus and His power, we can find enough.

Jesus Denied

MARK 6 Contrary to all the evidence presented in the Word of God, we let our faith fail. In today’s sermon Pastor Denver Copeland tells us how our faith In Jesus is limiting His work in our lives. “.

November 2022

Just Have Faith

MARK 5 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Faith is the fuel that drives our desires to want to know God more. In today’s Sermon, Pastor Denver Copelands asks us to search our hearts and Just Have Faith.

We’re Family

It is often said that Blood is thicker than water. The bonds of family are strong and important in our lives. In today’s sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland looks to scripture to remind us that the blood of Jesus is what binds all believers together as true family.

October 2022

Follow Jesus

Mark 2 In our daily walk, where do we wander? Do we stray from the path and make excuses? In todays sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland reminds us that when we accept Jesus then we must Follow Him..

What Are You Willing To Do?

Mark 2 How far are you willing to go? Is it hard to get up for Sunday Service or to call a loved one? In today’s Sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland recounts when a group of friends went all out to bring someone close to Jesus.