Our Vision Statement

To become the church God created us to be, connecting all people to Christ.

 Our Mission Statement

Reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus, By Loving God, Loving People, & Making Disciples.

We are praying that Stithton Baptist Church will become the church that God created her to be. For this to happen, we as members and attenders must become who He created us to be. Everything we do must be more about Him, and less about us. As we do more to teach, support and do God’s will in our church, community, country and around the world to accomplish His will for Kingdoms sake, sharing His love.
What we believe:
Constitution and By-laws
Nov. 8, 2020 Business Meeting Minutes
Business Minutes
January 22, 2023 Business Meeting Minutes
Topic: January 22 Business Meeting
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November 20, 2022 Business Meeting Minutes
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August 28, 2022 Business Meeting Minutes
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May 22, 2022 Business Meeting Minutes
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Topic: Business Meeting
Date: Nov 8, 2020 11:43 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Stithton Baptist Church

Business Meeting Minutes


  • Brett Pyles opened the meeting up in prayer
  • Approval of the minutes from the last meeting-Lisa McGee motioned to accept the minutes and Jamie Richards second. The vote was unanimous to accept the minutes.
  • Vote on new members-Jan Demaree motioned to accept the new members and Jennifer Pyles second. The vote was unanimous to accept the new members.
  • Finance report was given by Pastor Denver and the vote was unanimous to accept the finance report.
  • Pastor’s comments: we need to find other ways of bringing in income to the church. We are taking out the side section in the sanctuary. This will not cost us anything and will not affect the budget. Security cameras are coming. They will be monitored from the security office and the church office.
  • Missions Report- The Lottie Moon Offering for 2019 came to $2,921.00. Good job, Stithton. 

The Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions will be in March.  North American Missions in this instance means the United States and Canada.  Since Mexico is not English speaking and is also a third world country, it is listed under International Missions.  So, our Annie Armstrong Offering will be for the English-speaking peoples of our two countries and the multi-language refugees from all over the world who come here and desperately need the gospel.

  • Closed in prayer


Stithton Baptist Church

Quarterly Business Meeting


  • Brett Pyles open the meeting with prayer
  • Vote was taken on the Church name by ballot. Janice Demaree spoke about the name change.
  • Vote to approve next year’s budget-John Marshall motioned and Bruce McGee second. The vote was unanimous to accept the budget.
  • Approval of the minutes from the last meeting-the vote was unanimous to accept the minutes.
  • Vote on new members-Lisa McGee motioned to accept the new members and Diana Duncan second. The vote was unanimous to accept the new members.
  • Finance report was given by Pastor Denver and the vote was unanimous to accept the finance report.
  • Mission Report-Congratulations, Stithton.  Our Eliza Broadus Offering for 2019 was $1,541.00.  That is funds that go altogether for missions in our own state of Kentucky.   

                We have brought close to one hundred boxes of gifts to send to children all over the world. The boxes are still coming in, but the time is near to send them on their way.  The annual gathering of these boxes filled by the children and their families has become regular activity for October and November.  If you have not brought yours, there is still time. The children thank you.

                               6 people showed up for the prayer walk. We need more volunteers for the prayer walks.

  • Kandice spoke about Affordable Christmas and how it is organized.
  • Jennifer Pyles spoke about the November Food Drive for Esther’s Closet. She also spoke about Operation Christmas Child. The deadline for shoeboxes is Nov. 17. The volunteer sign up sheet is located at the Worship Center Welcome Desk.
  • The votes were counted and announced. Stithton had 72 votes and Inspire had 44 votes. The vote was to keep the name Stithton Baptist Church.
  • Jeremy Chatoney motioned to adjourn the meeting and it was second by Stephen Marshall. The motion carried unanimous.

Stithton Baptist Church Quarterly Business Meeting Minutes 7-14-19

  • At 12:17pm the business meeting was called to order.
  • Lisa McGee motioned to accept the minutes from the last meeting and Steven Marshall second. The motion passed unanimously.
  • There are no new members this quarter.
  • Pastor Denver explained what is needed for the ACP report and let it be known that it is due at the end of July.
  • Announcement of New Sunday School Secretary-Jan Demaree & Substitute Sunday School Secretary- Nadine Priest
  • The following Committee Report was given: Properties report form Norris Shake:
  • Showers install in downstairs restrooms is continuing, reading for painting and a modification to draining in women’s restroom. Two restroom in senior wing are completed and being painted. A 12 x 24 shed has been ordered and will arrive within 2 weeks. Shed will be used for storage of stuff we currently have in rooms throughout the church. Current sheds are being used for lawn equipment and World Changers supplies and equipment. A new roof has been put on and soffit and trim will be repaired soon. This was done using insurance. A workday may be scheduled soon to move stuff, paint and general cleaning on grounds.
  • Pastor Denver went over the finance report.
  • Pastor Denver announced that we are going to start mission trips soon. One to Alaska and one to a foreign country next year.
  • Pastor Denver would like to incorporate new members into the different ministries of the church. Please start thinking for where you would like to serve. The people that have been here for six months or more and should be tithing, to serve on finance or personnel committee.
  • Pastor Denver has asked Nadine Priest to head up a history team to compile the history of the church. Hopefully by December of next year, we will have a book published.
  • Kandice announced the change of AWANA to Sunday nights. There will still be a program for children that come to Wednesday night activities. There will be no busing for AWANA.
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study and activities will be beginning in Aug. Also Sunday Evening Service will return, beginning with Evening Revivals at the following churches: Aug 4th at 6pm -Rineyville Baptist Church with Pastor Eric Oliver; Aug 11th at 6pm-Stithton Baptist Church with Pastor Jerry Shacklett; Aug 18th at 6pm-The Grove Baptist Church with Pastor Herb Williams; Aug. 25th at 6pm-New Hope Community Church with Pastor Denver Copeland. We will be taking buses for the revivals. Times for bus departure will be announced at a later date.
  • Pastor Denver passed out the attached letter at the end of the meeting.
  • Jennifer Pyles motioned to adjourn, and it was second by Dianne Dunkin. The motion passed unanimously

  Church Family,                                                                                                     July 14, 2019 Since my arrival, and even before, I have heard numerous people, (some in our church, previous members and attenders, and some that only know about the church) say that Stithton will never change. Stithton has had a great past but for a period of time, before my pastorate, the church was not enjoying the best of times. We have been changing and are looking to become the church God wants her to be! Please pray before you proceed! Do not get upset or prejudge, pray! What better way to show an outward change than to change the name we go by?

  • The United Baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Stithton, KY started Jan. 9, 1887 (concrete block on one of the first churches reads “Stithton Baptist Church 1878-1934)”.
  • On a document dated Sept. 12, 1908 was called Missionary Baptist Church of Stithton, KY.
  • In January 1917 Ft Knox acquired the land and the church disbanded in May 1919 to 1923.
  • From 1923-1933 the Baptist and Methodist used the same building between New Stithton and Radcliff.
  • In 1942 Ft Knox again acquired the land and in 1948 located where we are today.

  For 77 years our name has been for a town/community that does not exist any longer, and most people don’t even know it did. Almost no one can pronounce it or spell it the first time they see or hear it. I meet people all the time (that even live in Radcliff) that haven’t heard of Stithton Baptist Church or know where we are located. If you answer them “the church by Walmart”, they will say, “oh there is a church there”. We can’t change our building to look different enough to show a change inside, but we can change what we call ourselves to show change to the community. If we start going by the name below, when people ask why? We can say, because we are not the same church we were, come check us out. When they ask why that name? We can reply, it is who we are and explain with the three short statements below. When inquired as to our status as Baptist or remaining Southern Baptist we say “Yes! We are a Southern Baptist church and will always be!”. Our doctrine and level of giving to Southern Baptist causes will remain steadfast. Our history of the church will always state information about Stithton from her birth to the present. Aspire Church Aspire, people to know Christ Aspire, people to grow in Christ Aspire, people to tell others about Christ Definition of the above three statements:

  • To bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and accepting Him as personal Lord and Savior. ● Help them to grow in Christ, by teaching them God’s Word and to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading. ● Lead them to share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, that others might be saved.

  We would not change the name; We would be doing business as “DBA” Aspire Church. All federal and state legal documents will still be Stithton Baptist Church.   We will have a question and answer time at Wed. night bible study Oct. 16, 2019, after Sunday morning service Oct. 20th and during the evening service Oct. 27th, when this is voted on (and if approved) in our Nov. 3, 2019 annual business meeting, it would start January 1, 2020.  

For the first year we would put this on everything:  Stithton Baptist Church “DBA” Aspire Church on Jan. 1, 2021 the Stithton Baptist Church “DBA” would be dropped. Please pray and consider everything in this letter.             

Thank You, Pastor Denver

Definition of Aspire as·pire/əˈspī(ə)r (verb) 1 direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something. “we never thought that we might aspire to those heights” 2 synonyms: 3 desire (to), aim for/to, hope for/to, long for/to, yearn for/to, hanker after/for/to, set one’s heart on, wish for/to, want (to), expect (to), have the objective of, dream of, hunger for/to, seek (to), pursue, have as one’s goal/aim, set one’s sights on; be ambitious; literary thirst for/after; archaic be desirous of “a more prosperous Britain can aspire to excellence in the arts”


  Quarterly Business Meeting Minutes 5/19/19

  • Opened in Prayer
  • Approval of the minutes of the last business meeting was brought to a vote. John Marshall motioned to approve and Norris Shake second. The motion carried unanimously.
  • Vote on new members-Diane Dunkin motioned to accept the new members and Sally Latimer second. Motion carried unanimously.
  • Vote on officers for the KY Annual Report-Brett Pyles motioned that we keep the same officers as last year, Lisa McGee second. Motion carried unanimously.
  • Vote on Southern Baptist Convention Messengers- Pastor Jeremy Watson and John Marshall volunteered to go. Marylin Shake motioned to accept them as messengers and Steve Ressor second. Motion passed unanimously.
  • We reviewed the committee reports:

            Mission Committee Report 04/23/2019 by Ruby Mercer Our last mission offering was the Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions, which includes both the United States and Canada. The total was $3,478.01, which is an increase over the past few years. The missionaries to Africa we are helping to support have moved from Burkina Faso because of dangerous conditions. They will continue to work with the Fulani people in Guinea, since their knowledge of that language will be of value in the work they are doing. Also, the Fulani people live in a widespread area of the continent and many have never heard of Jesus. We are also contributing to Cadence International, a ministry to American military communities overseas

  • Reviewed Finance report and Lisa McGee motioned to accept the report and Jennifer Pyles second. Motion carried unanimously.
  • Pastor Denver went over a statistic sheet that covered the last 5 years.
  • Oliver Sullivan motioned to adjourn and John Marshall second. Motion carried unanimously.


Special Business Meeting Minutes
The purpose of the Special Meeting is to vote on the following clauses that will be added to Stithton Baptist Church’s Bylaws. By adding these clauses, the bylaws will contain the proper statements needed to file for a 501(c)(3). The motion to make these changes was made by Brett Pyles and it was seconded by Diane Dunkin. The clauses that were presented were:
Purpose Clause:
The specific purpose for which the corporation is initially organized is to establish and oversee places of worship, conduct the work of evangelism, create departments necessary to support missionary activities, license, ordain, and oversee ministers of the gospel and to also engage in activities which are necessary, suitable, or convenient for the accomplishment of that purpose.
 Dissolution Clause:
In the event of dissolution of the corporation, no part of the corporation’s earnings or assets shall inure to the benefit of any of its members; the residual assets of the corporation shall be distributed to one or more organizations which themselves are exempt as organizations described in sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or corresponding sections of any prior or future law, or to the federal, state, or local government for exclusive public purpose.
Jamie Richards suggested the following changes to the Purpose Clause to add Christ/Christian:
Purpose Clause:
The specific purpose for which the corporation is organized is to establish and oversee places of worship; conduct the work of Christian evangelism; create and maintain departments necessary to support Christian missionary activities; license, ordain, and oversee ministers of the Gospel of Christ; and engage in activities which are necessary, suitable, or convenient for the accomplishment of that purpose.
The changes of the Purpose Clause were voted on and were approved unanimously. Then the body of the church voted on the clauses to be added to the bylaws. The vote was a unanimous yes to add the clauses.
Minutes presented by,
Shameca Freeman
Church Clerk

From 1/13/19

  • Bruce McGee opened the business meeting with a word of prayer.
  • The approval of the last business meeting was voted on and passed unanimously.
  • The approval of new members was voted on and passed unanimously.
  • Committee Reports:

MISSIONS COMMITTEE REPORT JANUARY 13, 2019 So far this year our Lottie Moon offering has come to $2,432.00. The funds are not sent in to the SBC for another week or so, so if anyone wants to give more, there is still time to do so. Annie Armstrong this year will be in April. It is normally a March affair, but our Women’s retreat comes in late March, so we take the North American Missions Offering in April. More about this later on. Our report from Africa is that the Teeples, Joel and Deborah, are safe in Burkina Faso but may soon move into a different country for security reasons. We are praying that their studies in the Fulani language will be utilized, as the Fulani people are mostly illiterate and in great need of the gospel in an oral form. Stithton is now supporting work by Cadence International, a mission in Germany to military personnel. Anthony Amor works with them and preached here last year. There will be more details on that work later, as it becomes available. WOMEN’S MINISTRY REPORT JANUARY 13, 2019 They are having a baby shower for the Cagles on Jan. 26. The sign-up sheet for the Ladies Retreat is located at the Worship Center Welcome Desk. Please sign up, the cost is $90. Feb. 9 is the Valentine Breakfast at The Golden Corral at 9am.

  • Starting next business meeting, all committee reports need to be turned in to the office by the Friday before the meeting.
  • A motion to make John Marshall our outreach pastor was made by Pastor Denver and seconded by Stephen Marshall. The vote passed unanimously in favor of John as the outreach pastor.
  • The financial report from last year was gone over by Pastor Denver. Pastor Denver made a motion to accept the report and Lisa McGee seconded. The floor was opened for questions.

Stephen Marshall asked if we will budget for the unexpected for this year. Pastor answered that we will not add to the budget for that, but we did adjust for things that we do know that will be coming. Teresa Simpson asked if we have gotten quotes for the AC units that need to be replaced. The pastor answered that it would cost us $18,000 to $20,000. The report was voted on and passed unanimously.

  • The events calendar was presented by Shameca Freeman. She let the congregation know that the calendar was tentative and to let her know about changes or events that need to be added.
  • Pastor Denver talked about the bylaws and how they don’t match what is needed to qualify for the 501 c 3. As soon as he has the correct information, he will call a special business meeting for changing the bylaws.
  • Pastor Denver talked about hiring 2 people to clean at a lower rate. One person has already been hired working 12 hrs. We are looking to hire the other person at 20 hrs. a week. We are also looking at hiring someone for security. It will not change anything financially and it’s all in the budget plus a little more.
  • As of yesterday, we had 294 signed up for World Changers. We will be getting some new equipment in the kitchen to help. Pastor Denver is working on fundraising and meeting with different mayors to support the event. Bruce McGee suggested that we get KNT for World Changers.
  • Closed the meeting in prayer.
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