May 2023

Be Like Christ

We struggle with sin and depravity every day and we have one way to overcome destruction. In today’s Sermon Pastor Denver Copeland reminds us that only being like our savior is freedom possible.

Citizen Of Heaven

Do not be conformed of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Pastor Denver Copeland emphasizes the importance of living our lives considering our eternal destiny. He reminds us that we are not citizens of this world, but of heaven.

A Mother’s Faith

The faith of our Mother’s can and will shape how we live our lives. In today’s sermon Pastor Denver Copeland tells us why it’s so important to instill faith and values in your children, and how to raise them up to be faithful servants of God.

The Importance Of Faith

Galatians 3 In today’s message we see the true importance of faith in our lives. Pastor Denver Copeland tells us the message is clear – faith is essential to our relationship with God, to our salvation, and to our ability to receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit

Oh God, Here Am I; Send Me

Isaiah 6:1-8 Join us as we explore three passages of scripture that help us understand what it means to serve God with all of our hearts. Pastor Denver Copeland challenges us to commit ourselves to serving God with diligence, love, and excellence in everything we do.

April 2023

Yearn For God

Psalm 84 reminds us of the beauty and glory of God’s dwelling place. It speaks of the longing to be near Him and to experience His favor. But how do we come boldly into His presence? In Todays Sermon Pastor Denver Copeland reminds us that Through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, He has opened […]

You Are Precious To Him

In this powerful sermon, we are reminded of just how precious we are to God. Pastor Denver Copeland looks at the Book of Isaiah 43, and encourages us to embrace our true worth and value as His children. Throughout the sermon, we are reminded that God has chosen and redeemed us, calling us by name […]

Resurrection Sunday 2023

On Resurrection Sunday, Pastor Denver Copeland delivers a powerful sermon that reminds us about the true essence of this holy day. In his message, he emphasizes the importance of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and its impact on the world.

Palm Sunday 2023

Mark 15 How quickly events for Jesus went sideways. On Palm Sunday we celebrate His arrival into Jerusalem as the coming King, but only days later, His disciples would desert Him. In Today’s Sermon Pastor Denver Copeland recounts Jesus’ journey toward the cross.

March 2023

Have You Deserted Him?

Mark 14 Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus by identifying him to the authorities, leading to Jesus’ arrest, trial, and crucifixion. Peter denied Jesus three times out of fear for his own safety, despite his earlier pledge to never abandon or deny Jesus. The other disciples, overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty, scattered and went into hiding after […]