August 2023

He Stinks!

JOHN 11:1-44 Pastor Denver Copeland teaches us about the power of Jesus Christ to raise the dead. He shares the story of Lazarus, who was raised from the dead by Jesus, and he shows us how we can experience the same power in our own lives.

July 2023

100% Obedience

“PODCAST730obedienceIn this powerful sermon, Pastor Copeland shares insights from the story of Naaman’s healing and how it relates to our own obedience to God’s commands.”.

Thankful Hearts

Do you have a thankful heart for God and Prayer?

Corey McGee: Don’t Quit Yet

Worship Pastor Corey Mcgee reminds us to not quit, because we have Jesus!

Guest Pastor: Barrie O’Bannon

SPEAK JESUS Guest Pastor Barrie O’Bannon reminds us of the power in the name of Jesus!”PODCAST79SpeakJesus”.

Christ Is All That Matters

Pastor Denver Copeland will explore the meaning of the phrase “Christ is all that matters” from Colossians 3:11. We will see that when we truly understand what it means to be “in Christ,” our priorities in life will change. We will no longer be concerned with the things of this world, but we will focus […]

June 2023

Living In Christ


Christ Is Everything

What is Christ to the Church? In Today’s Sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland examines scripture to see how our savior is All The Things.

Stay True To God

To stay true to God, we must keep our focus on Him and His word. In Today’s Sermon Pastor Denver Copeland reveals that the word of God keeps us grounded in the truth of God.

Focus On The Things Of God

In Today’s Sermon, Pastor Denver Copeland will explore the benefits of prioritizing our relationship with God above all else, as well as the dangers of becoming distracted by worldly pursuits.