Our Vision Statement

To become the church God created us to be, connecting all people to Christ.

 Our Mission Statement

Reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus, By Loving God, Loving People, & Making Disciples.

We are praying that Stithton Baptist Church will become the church that God created her to be. For this to happen, we as members and attenders must become who He created us to be. Everything we do must be more about Him, and less about us. As we do more to teach, support and do God’s will in our church, community, country and around the world to accomplish His will for Kingdoms sake, sharing His love.


 What we believe:

Constitution and By-laws
Business Minutes


Stithton Baptist Church

Quarterly Business Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2018

  • Bruce opened the meeting with a word of prayer
  • Pastor Denver gave a brief overview of the agenda.
  • Approval of the minutes of the last business meeting was brought to a vote. Diane Dunkin and Sallie Potts mentioned the changes on committees since the last meeting.  Margaret Freeman has stepped down as chair of the Stewardship Team and Sallie Potts is now the chair. On the Personnel Committee, Sallie Potts and Bruce McGee have been added and Lee Bishop has stepped down. Shameca will email, put on the website, and place at the welcome centers all the business minutes from now on. Conrade Holloway motioned to accept the minutes and Diane Dunkin second. It was voted unanimously to accept the minutes with the changes.
  • The new member list was presented. Sally Latimer motioned to accept and Jim Wetzel second. New members passed unanimously.
  • Committee Reports- Ruby Mercer reported for the Missions Committee. The major activity of missions during the past months was the Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions. We gave, in total, $2330. We will be filling baskets for the Christmas boxes throughout July. The emphasis will be giving the most needed items, which are soap (ivory), writing materials-meaning pens, pencils, sharpeners, paper, and clothing.
  • Staff Updates- Tyler Nelom has turned in his letter or resignation as Youth Pastor and his last day will be May 19th. Pastor Jeremy Watson will take over the youth responsibilities and the extra hours that are required for the position. Melissa White has turned her letter of resignation and her last day will be May 20th. We need volunteers to cover the following until we can find someone for the position.
    • Children’s Sunday School coordination
    • Children’s Church material
    • AWANA
    • Nursery coordination
    • Children’s Activities Wednesday nights and Sunday Nights
    • VBS
  • Sally Latimer and Diane Dunkin have volunteered to work the nursery this Wednesday night.
  • Pastor Denver motioned that SBC will go through the process to get a 501 c 3 and Ron Cox seconded it. The pastor explained that it would be about a $1500 cost for the process. It passed unanimously.
  • Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, the men are cooking breakfast. No women in the kitchen.
  • Pastor Denver stated that we are at the break even point with the SBC properties. We have 3 more spaces to rent. We owe the church back about $7000. Please keep praying that we rent out all of the offices.
  • Overview of finance report, no questions.
  • Super Senior trip is now May 23, leaving at 9am returning at 3pm
  • Closed in prayer by Chuck Heater.
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